Fayde’s Shady Place

The garden recently received this letter below in honor of one of our lovely garden members, Fayde MacCune and her husband, Charles. The members of the Conejo Valley Woodworkers Association created a sign to honor them, which we have showcased at the garden.


Hello Tom and Jimmy,

Attached are some photos of the subject sign that was made to honor
Fayde MacCune, an active member of the garden.   As originally requested
the total wording was to include a much longer phrase to honor both Fayde
and her husband, Charles MacCune.   That phrase was much too long for the
limited sign-board space and lettering template size that was available,

The sign was made by members of the Conejo Valley Woodworkers Association.
Rande Bench provided the California Oak Slab which he cut from a log.
Arlen Handberg planned the slab, Charles North bandsawed the ends to length, Tom Welz

provided the lettering templates and router, and then routed the lettering.  I coordinated

the operations and did the painting and varnishing, and added the eyebolt hangers.

I am hopeful the Los Flores Garden Community enjoys the sign and recognizes the
past service of both Fayde and husband Charles MacCune, and gives
thanks to you, President Jimmy Winston, for your current service.

Sincerely, Loren Stone

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