Greenhouse Rules

Orientation sessions on the use of the greenhouse will be provided throughout the year. Members wishing to utilize the LFCG greenhouse must attend one of the orientation sessions before utilizing the greenhouse. Please request orientation by emailing the committee: GreenHouse Coordinator
Greenhouse space is assigned on a first come, first served basis. Limit 1 space (tray) per person. Preparation, planting, and transplanting of all seeds/seedlings must be completed in the planting area provided at the rear of the greenhouse. No planting is to be done inside the greenhouse at any time. See the procedures outlined in the LFCG “Planting Your Seeds” document. To ensure a clean and disease-free greenhouse environment members must use materials supplied by LFCG including trays, plant cells, cups and soil. No unauthorized materials and/or growing systems (i.e. hydroponic systems)
Members must mark all trays with masking tape with their name and the date of seed entry into the greenhouse. Unknown or unmarked trays will be removed and discarded.
Participants may not adjust fans or other electrical mechanisms in the greenhouse.
Participants are responsible for monitoring the health of their plants. Diseased plants will be removed from the greenhouse without member notice.
Member use is limited to 6-8 weeks maximum. Seeds should be ready to transplant to in-ground garden by that time.
There is no automatic watering at any time. An interior reverse-osmosis misting system has been installed on a timer to maintain the correct temperature and humidification to seeds and seedlings. The system does not provide water to the plants.
Greenhouse doors must be kept closed at all times. The misting system, automatic hydraulic ceiling panels and fans are designed to regulate the interior temperature and humidity within the greenhouse at 850F around-the-clock.
Members shall respect the space, materials and plants of others.
Members are responsible to maintain a clean, neat and organized greenhouse at all times.


LFCG “Procedure for Planting Your Seeds” Guidelines