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LFCG Orchard Rules 2018 V7 (1)

July 7th, 2018

Pathways and Compost

1.  Members are responsible for keeping the pathways around their garden plot weed free.  This includes all four sides of your garden to the adjacent garden and/or to the fence or shed for those gardeners with a plot near a shed or the exterior fence.  Weeding the pathways around your garden is not a work task your can get credit for on work day.  If weeding around a plot is requested work task list, that is because the plot is vacant.  This is a good opportunity to get to know your gardening neighbors because they have the same responsibility so you can work together as a team to keep the area weed free.   Don’t be one of those neighbors that make the others around you do all the work. This is a community garden and we work together as a community.
2.   Please place any healthy plant material you remove from your garden in the community compost pile located by the greenhouse.  There is a sign by the community compost area that lists what types of plant material can be placed in the area.  This plant material will be turned into compost and available to all gardeners.  If you have weeds or diseased plant material these should be in placed in the dumpster located just outside the southeast corner of the garden. The gate code is the same as the front gate code.  The trash cans are for trash and you should empty the trash cans in the dumpster when you see they are getting full.  This is just a common courtesy and if everyone in the garden uses the same common courtesy, the number of times you need to empty the trash in a year will be minimal.