1.  Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 7104

Thousand Oaks CA 91359

2.  Hours of Operation

The garden is open to members only from sunrise to dusk.

3.  Membership and Rates

a. 10’ x 20’ plots lease for $50. There is a one-time, refundable, $20 cleanup deposit due at signup. Multiple plots are not allowed. Six-month proration is available after July 1. The annual rental fee is due no later than December 31st for the following year. Make all checks payable to The Community Gardens.

b. All new members are on a 3-month probation.

c. Guests/Designees are not to enter garden until waiver form is signed. Guests are not members and do not share the plot. Members are prohibited from giving the gate codes to any non-member. This includes outside workers or vendors of any type.

d. Membership status is subject to revocation for non-payment of fees or non-compliance of Rules or Bylaws.

4.  Plots

a. A new member must have their plots cleared, soil-building started, and/or cultivated within four (4) weeks of plot assignment.

b. Height Restrictions:

2’ for raised beds

4’ fencing and must be within the 10’x20’ dimensions.

6’  – Trellises are limited to 2 ten-foot wide, single standing or teepee per plot, and are not to be cornered. Trellises must be aesthetically pleasing at all times. Do not shade your neighbors gardens.

6’ Row covers are for temporary use only for frost, pest control, or shade. One  crossbeam is allowed. NO vines may be grown on row covers.

c. All plots must be planted year-round. Winter gardening may include cover crops, but cannot be fallow.

d. All plots and adjoining pathways must be free of weeds and trash year-round.

e. Selling produce or products made from harvest, including flowers and herbs, is prohibited.

f. Gardening shall be done in accordance with organic gardening principles as defined in the Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening, by Rodale Press.

g. No artificial fertilizers or soil (no Miracle Gro products), toxic pesticides, herbicides, or any other chemicals may be used. Use of Roundup will not be tolerated, and is grounds for immediate dismissal from LFCG.

h. All plant growth, trellises, pots, etc., must be contained within garden plot boundaries. Nothing can be in pathways.

i. Water conservation must be practiced. Turn off faucet and release the pressure in the hoses before leaving. Do not water another member’s plot unless you have permission.

j. Members may not personally tap into the irrigation system or alter it in any way. Irrigation hookups to plots are available and done by our garden specialists. Members must request a hookup in writing to the Board. There is a $75 fee for the hookup, but there may be additional costs if longer trenching is needed.

k. Transferring to a different plot requires a written request to the Board.

l. Ponds, fountains, and waterfalls are not allowed.

m. No permanent posts are allowed. If you need stability for fence post, place the posts in large cans/containers with cement inside the containers.

n. Other garden plots may not be entered without the member’s permission.  No soil, seeds, fruit, vegetables, hand tools, or any other item may be removed from another member’s plot without their explicit permission. To do so may lead to dismissal from LFCG.

o. Notify the Board is you are discontinuing your membership.

5.  Workday

a. Members must contribute one (1) hour per month, per plot, to community work projects. Work hours are for the current month and cannot be accrued. Working in personal plots is not considered community work. Members must sign the Task Sheet to receive credit for work hours. A $20 fine is assessed, per plot per month, for members who do not fulfill their work contribution.

6.  Greenhouse Use

a. Orientation is required to all members who wish to use the greenhouse for starting seeds. To arrange an orientation time, please send request to 

7.  Consideration

a. No tobacco products or e-cigarettes are allowed in the garden.

b. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted except for special events with approval from the Board.

c. Use of LFCG member’s personal information for commercial marketing or political purposes is prohibited.

8. Tools, Equipment, Supplies

a. Do not permanently remove items from any shed, as they are for all gardeners. 

b. Do not move or remove sprinkler heads and hoses. If you purchase your own sprinkler head, keep it in your plot.

c. Clean tools before returning to shed.

9.  Safety

a. No pets are allowed inside the garden, except certified service dogs. Paperwork is required.

b. Control of varmints includes the use of snap-traps and live traps. Live trapped animals are released Any member tampering with any trap is subject to immediate dismissal. Unused gardening supplies, trellises, wood, debris , etc., must be removed each season if not in use to prohibit varmint housing. Poisons are illegal to use, and is subject to immediate dismissal from LFCG if used.

c. Avoid standing water in containers/saucers so as not to breed mosquitoes.

d. Members are responsible for the actions and activities of their guests and caretakers. Supervise children at all times, for their protection and to prevent damage to nearby plots.

e. Members may not apply manure tea due to possible bacterial contamination and offensive odor. No human or animal waste may be used in the garden.

8.  Compost

a. Personal compost bins are grouped around the garden. Do not place trash in any empty compost bins as this attracts rodents.

9.  Notifications and Communication

a. Any correspondence, mailed or emailed to the address on file, will be considered delivered. Members must notify the Board of current email addresses, resident addresses, and telephone numbers.

10.  Grievances

a. Please submit, in writing, to the Board.

CRPD Controversial and Banned Plants

All trees are banned in individual plots, except fruit trees, which must be in a container with a stone or paver under the container to restrict roots from escaping from pot. 6’ height restrictions apply.

Banned plants:

Raspberry – may be relocated to Orchard

Blackberry – may be relocated to Orchard

Cannabis (Marijuana)

All Mints ( available in the Community Herb Garden)

Morning Glories


Deadly Nightshade (Atropa belladonna)

Ceanothus Bermuda

Datura/Brugmansia (Angel Trumpets)


Euphorbia lathers ( Gopher Spurge)

Ice plant

Pampas Grass

Japanese Honeysuckle


Mexican False Heather

Smoking Tobacco

Orange Honeysuckle

St. John’s Wort


Sugar Cane

All Cacti