Weeds and more weeds

Weeds and more Weeds…

With the sun starting to peek its head out over the last few says, so have the weeds. It seems everytime I turn around there is a new unwanted weed popping up in my garden. As tempting as it is to permaculture and let them grow along side your garden crops. Here are some good reasons to pull those pesky weeds.


Simply put weeds are competing with your plants and taking the nutrients from your plants that will end up on your table soon. Do you really want to get less tomatoes this year over pulling out that weed that is taking away valuable nutrients from your plant?  Weeds also compete for water and sunlight with your plants. Weeds seems to grow more aggressively, and when they you, they can block the sun that your plants needs to thrive. Weeds can also create a micro-climate that will cause your plants to be too cool in the morning and evenings.


Obviously, they take up space. This is valuable real estate in our precious plots. Not only do they take space on the ground, but th roots systems are also competing for space. A tomato plant’s root can grown to over 5 feet. They need all the space they can to flourish.

Hiding your crops

Weeds may hide your delicious bounties underneath their foliage. Besides, blocking your fruits from view, it blocks their flowers from sight and scent for the pollinators that cause fruit to set or beneficial incests that might have been attracted to your garden. Weeds also can hide signs of diseases or symptoms of pests.

Reason to go to the garden

Committing to frequent trips to control weeds will give you a reason to head to your garden for some quality, relaxing you time.

Home for pests

If weeds are left to overwinter, many pests will make this their home. The shelter from the weeds are great for them, and they won’t need to look far fro searching when you plant your favorite host plants in the spring.


Weeds can carry disease that can be passed by incests from garden to garden. Some weeds, such as lamb’s quarter, thistle, and pigweed may contain something called allelopathic compounds. They can create a zone of infertility around their roots. This is so they can take full advantage of the sun, water, and nutrients that your garden space they are occupying has to offer. They can also inhibit the germination of the seeds altogether and create an unwelcoming environment for growth. This is one of the reasons why some cover crops work so well. Infertility may impact this season or the next, which is one reason why crop rotation in the garden is important.

The gift that keeps on giving

Quite simply, the more you let your weeds grow, the more they spread. It is not only the wind that blows the seeds, it is also bird that pick up the seeds and drop them near and far. The sooner you can get underneath them the faster we can stop the growth. Important to also remember is to dig them out. The roots can do as much damage as the weeds themselves. The roots if not taken out can just grow another bid weed.

As members of the garden family, let’s all try to do our part to not only keep our own garden weed free. but make an effort to pull those pesky weeds in and around your plot. With effort like this we, as a community can send these weed away!

Happy Gardening,

Mary Church

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