Easter Bunnies are not our garden friends

Bunnies and more Bunnies

As we all get ready for Easter this Sunday it seems we see those cute little bunnies everywhere we turn. Yes, they are adorable everywhere, except in our garden. I planted my garden last week and came back the next day to show off my planting to my husband. Imagine my shock to come and find one of those cute rabbits enjoying a kale salad bar at my expense. My tender young kale sprouts are now just lonely green stalks.

If rabbits are also ravaging your vegetable garden, here are some tips to deter those cute bunnies from thinking you have an all you can eat bunny salad bar.

Tips to Keep Those Rabbits Out

  • The obviously is to put a 2ft high fence around your garden. However, I have also included some more budget friendly tips below.
  • Place wooden shish kebab sticks at various angles around your greens to form a threatening, spiky barrier that discourages them from coming into your garden. It may look dangerous and menacing to you, but it won’t harm those pesky rabbits. It just looks like a complicated maze to them.
  • Spray a repellent solution of Hot sauce and water (1 tablespoon Hot Sauce/1 gallon of water) on your bunny loving plants. Rabbits don’t like the taste of hot sauce. Protect your eyes when spraying, and wash your hands.
  • Cinnamon is also a scent rabbits don’t like, so try a few cinnamon sticks placed in the ground near your veggies.
  • Pour coyote, fox, or wolf urine, available at garden centers, around the edge of your garden. Rabbits will stay away if they think a predator is nearby.
  • You can try out door mesh food covers for your young plants. You can usually find them at the Dollar Store or places like Walmart and Target.
  • Slice a bar of deodorant soap into slivers and place them around the perimeter of your garden. Rabbits don’t like the smell of soap and won’t cross the line.

I’m off to plant more kale!

Happy Gardening!
Mary Church


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